Our Policy

Values, creativity, with each other, for each other - learning and making a difference together, that lies close to our heart. We promote children and youths, intercultural exchange and bring people together in friendship and mutual respect across all boundaries.


Meeting each other and learning with and from another to overcome borders and prejudices. That's in our eyes the first step for all of us to to make a lasting change for the better in the world. 


Go is an excellent tool therefor, let's explore it together!

Our Goals


AdYouKi Go e.V. is an organization, which relies on the ideas of its members and their eagerness and enthusiasm to bring them into life. Projects, plans and visions, which you find here are all developed by single members or groups within our organization. These different ideas shall be realized within the next years and decades under the roof and with the support of the orginazation. We continuously add new projects or new goals, like developing additional regions in Germany and Europe for Go.


Future Projects, Plans and Visions:

  • Organising mass-appealing Go-activities, in order to increase the prominence, acceptance and support of Go in our community

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  • Establishing partnerships with other organisations, foundations etc, which have similar aims or follow a similar spirit as AdYouKi Go e.V.

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  • Conceiving und establishing a multi-stage Go-teachers training program (similar to the system, which is applied in sports).

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  • Training of multipliers for the extensivel developement of Go activities in refugee homes for meeting and integration.

... see Project Go (2015 - 2025)

  • Development of 'Go-bases' in form of regional networks of Go-groups, Go-schools egc.

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  • Organisation of Go-acitivities in retirement and nursing homes

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  • Organising cross-generation-Go-activities

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  • Organising of a Go or Asia-camp for (still) Non-Go-Enthusiasts

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  • Organisation of exchange-programs between AdYouKi Go e.V. and different European and East Asian Go-organisations and groups

  • Fighting for the approval of Go as a sport in German law and the DOSB* (*German Olympic Sports Confederation) (analog to chess)